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Hot Stone Massage

Studies show that hot stone massages can also reduce anxiety, help improve quality of sleep or insomnia, relieve symptoms of disease, and even improve immune function. Your newly relaxed state can regular blood pressure, reduce stress, and allow you to feel healthier and more rested.

One of the best ways to encourage the circulation of blood to a specific part of the body is by applying heat. Our massage therapists utilize heated, smooth stones along various areas while also utilizing various massage techniques. These stones retain heat throughout the duration of the massage therapy.  

What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage?

A massage therapist will begin by discussing and locating any areas causing you tension or pain. They will place hot stones accordingly along your spine, or on your chest, stomach, feet, and other areas. In other cases, they may hold the stone above your skin, allowing your skin to absorb the heat, but leaving room for them to utilize different motions and techniques on your muscles.  

Among these techniques are a variety often used in Swedish massage. This includes circular pressure, vibration, rhythmic tapping, and kneading of the skin. Areas that are appropriately warmed and relaxed may also receive a cold stone instead to help calm areas with engorged blood vessels. This allows the area to ease back into a regulated state, as well as alleviate the skin of any discomfort from direct contact with the heated stones.

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