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Licensed Massage Therapist


Brittney is an exceptionally skilled and empathetic licensed massage therapist, with a wealth of expertise amassed over a remarkable span of 9 years in the field. Having graduated from the esteemed Lincoln Technical Institute, she embarked on a journey fueled by a profound passion for massage therapy and a genuine desire to enhance the well-being of her clients.

Through her years of dedicated practice, Brittney has honed the art of not just administering massages, but understanding the intricacies of the human body. She possesses an innate ability to pinpoint areas of tension and discomfort that often stem from the demands and pressures of everyday life. It is her commitment to providing holistic relief that sets her apart.

Brittney takes immense pride in her therapeutic approach, which centers on offering a serene and calming touch that fosters relaxation and unwinding. Her massage sessions are carefully tailored to address the unique needs of each individual client, ensuring a personalized experience that goes beyond mere relaxation – it is a healing journey.

Her expertise spans a diverse range of massage techniques, including the artful application of Swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal massage. With a deep understanding of these modalities, she adeptly combines her knowledge and skills to create a bespoke experience for her clients. Whether it's the gentle strokes of Swedish massage, the targeted pressure of deep tissue work, or the specialized care of prenatal massage, Brittney excels in each, ensuring her clients leave her care feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalized.

In entrusting your well-being to Brittney, you are not just booking a massage session; you are embarking on a path to healing and rejuvenation. Her compassionate nature, coupled with her technical proficiency, guarantees a massage experience that is not only therapeutic but also deeply transformative. Rest assured, under Brittney's skilled hands, you will find the solace and relief you seek, making every session a truly healing and revitalizing encounter.

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